Blendy cello – Broken Plan (feat. Master class) from Master class on Vimeo.

Blendy cello – Broken Plan (feat. Master class)

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@Music Credits

A Music by
Blendy Cello & Master Class
NoiseSymphony Made in 2010
What noisesymphony prefers is simplenes and nobleness
With these apsects we perform music, art, video, and clothing
Currently we are in action
NoiseSymphony is always waiting for artist who are willing to work with us.
We are also waiting for performances and collaboration.

@Video Credits

A Film by
“Chick” is a humorous true-life story about male-female relations.
nfatuation and its consequences are depicted in a ironic way: meeting a guy, dancing, having fun, a sexual act. A man, giddy with the charm of a femme fatale, leaves a room. He is followed by failure and doom.

Credits: WRITER AND DIRECTOR: Michał Socha
PRODUCERS: Michał Socha, Platige Image, EXECUTIVE
PRODUCER: Marcin Kobylecki
MENTOR : prof. Hieronim Neumann(Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw)
ANIMATION: Michał Socha
MUSIC: Paweł Szamburski (clarinet), Karol Maśluszczak (piano), Tomasz Bandyra (bass), Roman Ślefarski (drums), Dj Lenar (gramophone)
SOUND DESIGN : Maciej Tęgi
MUSIC MIX : Rafał Smoleń
THEATER MIX: Tomasz Dukszta c.a.s.
DIGITAL POSTPRODUTION: WFDiF Małgorzata Rogulska (Laboratory Manager)

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